KdBird,  a small line of vintage inspired children's accessories, was developed after the birth of my daughter Grace.  I, Kate Robin, design, knit and sew while she sleeps.

My artist husband, daughter and myself live and create in the beautiful Pacific Northwest, quite literally on the shores of the Puget Sound in a historic beach community, built on pilings above the water, called Salmon Beach.  We walk up and down 200 stairs to reach our homes and heat with drift wood harvested from the sound.

All of kdBird products are handmade.  Artisan, hand dyed, yarns and textiles are purchased in limited quantities, ensuring that your item is unique and product line is ever changing.  

Our knitted line is made from natural fibers. Most often Merino wool is used as the base yarn, and then accented with hand dyed yarns, giving the piece a variegated look. Merino wool has been developed over centuries; it has the amazing quality of being both insulating and cooling.  It wicks moisture away from the body, all while keeping the wearer warm and dry.  It is antibacterial, antimicrobial and non-itchy.  It holds its shape and is easy to care for. (see FAQ's for care info)

The Sunbonnets are made from Liberty of London Tana Lawn.  It's 100% ultrafine cotton and finshed without using crease-resisting chemicals or irritating allergens. Many of Liberty's prints are seasonal and limited edition.  I choose to purchase small quatities of many prints, this way I can offer a vast selection.  

kdBird items are from ready-made stock and made-to-order. If you are interested in a made-to-order custom knit, please purchase a custom order slot and I will be in contact regarding your order.  Custom orders will take approximately 2 weeks to ship.

Why choose handmade and non-mass-produced? Because it makes your piece unique.  You're supporting a local maker and you will have something that is so well made that it will last generations.